Adra Mosque




Kalocho, Bangladesh




Architect Name

Dr.Abu Sayeed M.Ahmed

Urban and Architectural

Masterful connection of Minar and prayer space with an overhung beam creates transcendental spatial quality with sophistication. In elevation the composition echoes the age old boundary wall in scale and proportion. One can see a rather simplistic balance of vertical and horizontal elements functioning as a divine volume to commit oneself to a higher authority.


Amidst the tranquil rural lush green landscape, the mosque of Adra stands in a poised stature treasuring hundred and fifty year's worth of memories. The surviving brick boundray wall, mihrab and the terrace at the pond from bygone era attest the time-worm beauty of the mosque which is still in use by the locals. Architect Dr.Abu Sayeed, in an attempt to re create the sacred essence, materializes these elements in a spiritual composition of "place, age & folk". The prayer space embraces the outdoor with subtle edges almost creating a liquid landscape in the nature. A prominent intervention comes in the form of an extended flat roof as a canopy connecting spaces in both indoor and outdoor. The interior welcomes ample light and air by limiting the fenestration at mid-height. Plinth of the mosque resonates with the flat roof creating an open platform for extended prayer as well as communal interaction. Both the exterior plinth & interior spaces echoes the theme of shaded veranda with un-interrputed cross ventilitation much reminiscent with the traditional feltiaic folk-aboode relationship. The pond is the local reservoir which has existed with the mosque from the beginning. It expresses a hydro-ecological affiliation between people, place and prayer. Age old patform of the water reservoir is kept ornamentally and at the same time renovated with brick paving to create the conti- nuity of the complex minimizing boundaries between land and water. Free flowing plan of the mosque invites users to explore the dynamic of archi- tecture and aqua-scape relationship; another trait coherent with the monsoon and hydrological aspects of built form in delatic region. Locals stop by the pond & find a serene calmness in a poetic metaphysical compostion of the enviornment. The nation of"age" is eleganty rooted in the mosque of Adra. Preserving the fossil of place-memory in the Mihrab, Dr.Abu Sayeed reveals the modernity in antiquity exposing the beauties of materials. The old ghat ( Platform Facing the pond), boundary wall and mihrab are kept as its relic in resonance with the past. An assemblage of the exposed brickwork signifies the inner mihrabe by contrasting with the interior.

Year of Build



353 sqm